Anvar Turobov

Web Developer | Business Development Executive


An aspiring Full Stack Web Developer with extensive experience in Business Development, B2C Sales and Technical Recruitment.

Having worked with many awesome developers and inspiring tech companies during my career in B2B/B2C Sales and Recruitment, I have decided to finally realise my long standing goal of learning coding by attending General Assembly’s Web Development Immersive program. 12-Weeks, all day everyday, web development bootcamp, where I experienced working in an Agile environment, attending daily Scrums, learning the key aspects of programming while building full-stack web applications and APIs using JavaScript and Ruby.

Having now built a solid foundation of knowledge I seek a role where I continue my development and put into practice the skills that I have acquired.

Front-end development

HTML | CSS | Javascript (JQuery) | Bootstrap

Back-end Development

Node.js(Express) | Ruby (Ruby on Rails | Sinatra)

Javascript Frameworks

AngularJS | Backbone.js | Meteor

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Web Developer with Solid Business Development Experience